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Aims and scope of the journal
Editorial board

Aims and scope of the journal

Advanced Biomaterials and Devices in Medicine is a new open access interdisciplinary journal that offers rapid publication of high-quality peer-reviewed short communications and review papers in all areas of materials science and biomedical engineering applied to the development of implantable and non-implantable medical devices and reports on device performance and functionality in clinical settings. The journal will also welcome polemical articles - Opinions, Commentaries, Perspectives - that challenge the status quo of biomedical research and stretch or reverse the old paradigms of how biomaterials and medical devices for regenerative medicine and diagnostics should be designed.
Our Editorial Board comprises of renowned scientists in a highly diversified range of research fields including biomaterials, mechanical design, computer modeling, physics, chemistry, cell biology and medicine representing the full scope of the interdisciplinary nature of the journal. The journal's main focus is on the convergence of engineering, materials science, biology and clinical medicine, on intelligent biomaterials, and on novel concepts in the development of minimally invasive implantable devices and of surgical tools for use in minimally invasive surgeries and procedures.

Advanced Biomaterials and Devices in Medicine is committed to prompt review and publication. Decision on whether a manuscript should be reviewed is typically made within five working days of receipt and decisions about publication are usually made within five days of receipt of referees' reports.

Main topics of the journal include, but are not limited to:
      Biomaterial synthesis and characterization
      Biodegradable/bioresorbable materials and implants
      Shape memory and superelastic biomaterials
      Implant design for minimally invasive placement
      Guiding catheters and guidewires for minimally invasive procedures
      Scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration
      Biomimetic and bioinspired materials
      Drug delivery systems
      Drug-eluting stent platforms
      Control over the interaction of cells with medical devices
      Surface patterning and biofunctionalization
      Nanostructured biomaterials and surfaces
      Antibacterial and antifouling materials and coatings
      Nanoparticles for diagnostic and therapeutic uses
      Computer modeling of medical devices
      Molecular dynamics simulation of cell-biomaterials interfaces
      Clinical experiences with implants and devices

Editorial Board

      Sergey G. Psakhie, Russia - Editor-in-Chief
      C. James Kirkpatrick, Germany - Vice Editor
      Irena Gotman, Israel - Vice Editor
      Elazar Gutmanas, Israel - Executive Editor

      L. Ambrosio, Italy
      S. Barinov, Russia
      A. Bellosi, Italy
      S. Best, UK
      A. Boccaccini, Germany
      M. Bohner, Switzerland
      F.Z. Cui, China
      P. Ducheyne, USA
      M. Epple, Germany
      Y. Estrin, Australia
      P. Habibovic, Netherlands
      E. Levashov, Russia
      M. Lerner, Russia
      A. Lotkov, Russia
      E. Mamonova, Russia
      D. Mantovani, Canada
      S. Miyazaki, Japan
      M. Mont, USA
      L. Ogorodova, Russia
      J. Planell, Spain
      M. Sadovoi, Russia
      M. Santin, UK
      D. Sarkar, India
      D. Seliktar, Israel
      D. Shechtman, Israel
      J. S˝hrooten, Belgium
      D. Shtansky, Russia
      A. Tsukanov, Russia
      V. Tuchin, Russia
      V. Turk, Slovenia
      R. Unger, Germany
      R. Valiev, Russia
      O. Vasiljeva, Slovenia
      R. Waksman, USA
      K.-D. Wolff, Germany

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